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A Comparison Between Castor Wheels With Kingpins and Those Without Them

People who are shopping for castor wheels have a choice between castors with kingpins and those without kingpins. This article discusses these two variations of castors to help you make an informed decision when you are selecting castors.

Castors With Kingpins

Kingpins help a castor wheel to swivel or turn as a load is being moved. The swivel section of this kind of castor has a connecting plate with a stem. That stem connects the lower and upper parts of the swivel mechanism. Castors with kingpins can absorb the forces created by the rolling or turning motions of the system on which the castors are attached. This allows the castors to turn quickly.

However, castors with kingpins are more costly to maintain. This is because there are more moving parts that can wear out quickly and have to be replaced. This type of castor isn't suitable for use on uneven surfaces since the vibrations generated can lead to premature failure of the castor. It is also advisable to use these castors on devices that carry medium or minimal loads. Heavy loads impose huge stresses on the swivel mechanism. It is therefore advisable to avoid castors with swivel systems if your application involves moving heavy loads.

Castors Without Kingpins

Castors without kingpins have wheels and plates that are welded together. This allows that component to be sealed instead of using bolts and nuts to fasten the castor into a single unit. Such castors have a number of advantages.

First, the castor will be stronger because the weld permits the uniform distribution of loads throughout the castor and the wheel attached to it. Secondly, the swivel section moves more easily since the entire unit moves as one. Additionally, less maintenance work is required since the design has few moving parts. Castors without kingpins can handle heavier loads when compared to castors with kingpins.

However, care must be taken when using castors without kingpins because lubricants can dry and harden inside the swivel mechanism. That hardened lubricant can make it harder for the wheel to turn.

Castors with kingpins and those without kingpins each have their strong and weak points. Talk to a castor wheel expert so that an assessment of your application can be made. It is from that assessment that the best castor wheels will be recommended for your specific site conditions, such as the kind of surface on which the castor wheels will move.