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How Refurbished Car Parts Differ from Remanufactured Parts

Some car owners may not know which type of repair parts to select when asked to choose between refurbished parts and remanufactured parts. Such indecision may be due to their limited knowledge about how those two types of replacement parts differ. This article discusses refurbished and remanufactured auto parts. Use this information to select the type which is best suited to your needs.

Refurbished Auto Parts

Refurbished auto parts refer to vehicle components, such as engines and alternators, which have been disassembled to replace any worn parts. The replacement of those worn parts restores the auto component to a functional state. For example, the cylinder head gaskets and one of the pistons may be replaced during the refurbishment of an old car engine. The process of refurbishing auto parts can be done by anyone with the technical competence to do so. This makes the price of these parts to vary widely based on the costs that were incurred during the refurbishment.

The major downside of refurbished auto parts is that they come with relatively short warranties. This is because only the parts which had weakened or failed are replaced during the refurbishment process.

Remanufactured Auto Parts

You can also opt for remanufactured auto parts if you want replacement parts for your vehicle. The process of remanufacturing the parts is done by the automaker. The process entails taking apart the vehicle part, such as the engine, to identify the components which are worn out. Those worn parts are replaced with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. The auto part is then subjected to extensive tests in order to confirm that it is now performing within the specifications expected in new parts.

The rigorous testing confirms that the remanufactured part is nearly as good as a new part. Consequently, the remanufactured parts come with longer warranties since the automaker is sure about their condition and performance. The only downside of remanufactured car parts is that they are nearly as expensive as brand new parts. However, that higher cost may be a minor issue if you seek assurance that the replacement part will perform reliably once it is installed.

Think about the issues in the discussion above when you want to select replacement parts for your vehicle. Your specific circumstances will play a role in deciding which parts are a better choice for you. For example, you may opt for refurbished car parts in case you own an older vehicle which you intend to sell off soon.