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When To Take Your Car For Alternator Repair

When it comes to your vehicle working perfectly, the alternator is a very important part of your engine. In fact, without it, your car would stop running very quickly indeed. It is very important that you keep this part of your vehicle in prime condition and arrange alternator repair as soon as you start to notice the problems explained in this article.

The alternator is responsible for recycling the power that your car battery uses while you are driving. This power is restored throughout the time your engine is running and is used to supply power to different areas of your vehicle such as climate control, entertainment systems, engine management systems and many other essential functions of your car. 

Recognizing Signs Your Vehicle Requires Alternator Repair

Dim Lights

When your alternator starts to develop a problem, the lights are usually one of the first components to start failing. If you notice that your headlights or dashboard lights are dimmer than normal, it could be time to arrange repair. 

Warning Light On Dashboard

The majority of modern cars today have a host of dashboard lights that are activated when certain components or systems develop a failure. Many include an ALT (for alternator) or GEN (for generator) light. If yours lights up at any part of your journey this could signify that your alternator is in need of repair. 

A Dead Or Weak Battery

Car batteries do not last forever, and when they start to weaken or die completely, this will mean that your alternator will not be able to bring it back to life. To test whether the fault lies with the battery or the alternator, give your battery a full charge and start your vehicle. If the battery is on the way out, the car will start up, but the lights will start to grow dim in a short time. If the car doesn't start, the problem is likely to be your alternator. 

Odd Sounds And Weird Smells

If you start to hear a whining sound or smell burning rubber, this could indicate a problem with your alternator. The alternator uses a system of belts to work, and if these parts start to wear or break completely, they can produce interesting smells and sounds. 

Arranging Alternator Repair And Alternator Rebuilds

If you believe your alternator is causing a problem with your vehicle, arranging timely repairs could prevent any further problems and more expensive bills. Contact your local repair shop to find out more about alternator repairs and alternator rebuilds.