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The Different Sorts of Car Security Systems Available

Are you thinking about upgrading your car's security systems? If so, then not only will you make it less likely to be targeted by car thieves, but your insurance premiums could drop as well, depending on other factors, like where you live in the country. Of course, any modern car should already be equipped with a basic security system, even if it is just that you need a key to enter and start it. Any further system you choose to fit will act as a second or third layer of security. A mechanic will likely be able to fit an additional car security system for you. What system will suit your needs best?

Active Alarms

An active car alarm will sound when there is an intruder that is detected either in the vehicle or when someone is trying to gain access to it. The majority of these systems work on a motion detection basis. So that the alarm does not sound when you access the car, all you need to do is to switch it off, usually from a key fob controller. As the name suggests, these devices need to be actively switched on when you park your car, so they don't suit forgetful motorists.

Passive Alarms

Unlike an active car alarm, a passive one will set itself to work automatically when the car doors are locked. This is a big advantage if you are the sort of driver who might forget to set the alarm. However, it does not suit motorists with younger children if they want to lock their car temporarily with the kids inside—perhaps to pay for fuel, for example. Most passive car alarms simply sound the horn when they are set off.

GPS Tracking Devices

These systems are ideal if you have an expensive or prestigious vehicle that might be tempting to professional car thieves. Essentially, these devices don't prevent a burglar from stealing your car, but they allow the owner and the police to track where the car has been driven to and will help the authorities to recover it. Such tracking systems are often favoured by insurance companies, who will offer discounts if you have one fitted.

Silent Alarms

These devices are good if your neighbours complain about a noisy alarm that goes off in the night, waking everyone around up. A silent alarm does not provide a deterrent to thieves, but it will notify you of a potential break-in by sending a text message if it is set off.