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Three benefits of getting your heavy vehicle licence

Whether you are stuck in an office job and want to do something more practical, or you are currently out of work and looking to reevaluate your next move, getting a heavy vehicle licence could be the key to unlocking some great opportunities. Whether you opt to learn how to operate a truck, a forklift or any other classification of vehicle, this qualification can open you to a variety of career opportunities with wide ranging benefits.

In order to get your qualification, you need to check the website of your state or territory's licensing authority in order to find a registered training centre. They will provide the necessary training in order to get the practical and theoretical experience to take your final test and, hopefully, get your licence! From there, the world is your oyster. Here are three ways that your heavy vehicle licence can boost your overall career.

1. Work wherever you want

Forklift truck operators and those registered to transport goods in a truck can work almost anywhere in the country. Your qualification is easily transferred and valid in any state or territory across Australia. This gives you the flexibility to work almost anywhere you want, so those with family or friends in other states can easily move to be with them. Additionally, a truck licence means you can travel for work, perfect for those who need to roam and get easily bored sitting behind a desk all day.

2. Get a salary increase

Training for your forklift licence can be a great way to boost your salary without the need to change the company you work for. If you are currently working in a role which does not require qualifications, it can be daunting to think of giving up your current work in order to retrain, and there is always the concern that the benefits might not materialise. Instead, a forklift qualification can be completed in as little as two days and you might even be able to find work with your current employer.

3. Flexible working options

If you are currently working a desk job, or a job which requires a normal 9 to 5, you have probably realised that it can difficult to balance family commitments when you need to be at your desk until the evening. A key benefit of many jobs which require a heavy vehicle licence is that they will often have shift work which provides the flexibility for those who need to work nights or early mornings in order to be there to pick up the kids from school or look after elderly relatives.