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How to Shortlist Industrial Transportation Companies

Are you planning to relocate your industrial equipment from one manufacturing facility to another? Read on and discover some of the key factors which you should consider when you are shortlisting industrial transport service providers for that relocation.

Industry Specialisation

Find industrial transport companies which specialise in working with clients in your industry. Such a transportation company will have a detailed understanding of the different intricacies of moving your equipment. For example, they will have expertise in cushioning sensitive equipment so that road vibrations don't affect the calibration of those expensive machines during the transportation process.


The relocation of your industrial equipment should also give you an opportunity of finding a transport company which you will work with for many more years. It is therefore ideal for you to identify industrial transport companies which are flexible enough to accommodate the varying needs of their clients. For instance, it would be unwise for you to select a company which requires you to book a truck several weeks in advance. Such a company may be unable to avail transportation means when you need to make an urgent shipment. Find a transport company which is flexible enough to handle any special requests which you may have from time to time.

Their Safety Record

It is also worthwhile for you to research the safety record of the different companies from which you want to select the one to relocate your machinery from one industrial plant to another. Don't imagine that a safety record isn't important if the equipment is insured. The time you lose as you process an insurance claim can cost you when clients don't receive their orders in time. Pick a company with the fewest safety incidents in its record.

Transportation Management System

You need to know where your valuable equipment is at all times during the transportation process. You therefore need to pay attention to the transport management systems of the various companies competing for your business. Select a company which has the appropriate technology to give you real-time updates about the status of your equipment during each step of the relocation process.

Implementing the suggestions above during the selection process may appear to be a time-consuming process. However, you will ultimately save time and other valuable resources when you partner with the most suitable industrial transport company during the relocation of your machinery. This is because the relocation process will move smoothly without any setbacks. If you have questions, reach out to companies like Russell Transport with experience in industrial transport.