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Why Used Cars Offer The Best Value

When buying a car, you generally have two options: brand new from the dealer or secondhand. While brand new cars come with a host of attractive features such as a new design, longer warranty and updated technology, they still generally do not compete with the great value you can find in used cars. If a budget is important to you, then you should virtually always be buying used cars instead of their newer counterparts. Here are a few ways you can get the most bang for your buck when searching for used cars.

A Year Or Two Old Can Save You Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars

Used cars do not have to be five or ten years old to find themselves on sale at a dealership, in fact, many cars that get sold are only a couple of models behind the newest ones available. There are a lot of different reasons why these new cars get sold so quickly, from rich owners looking to always upgrade to car dealers clearing out their inventory. These used cars might only have a couple of thousand kilometres and yet they can save you quite literally tens of thousands of dollars off the list price. If you still want a great new car with heaps of advanced features, simply ask for the latest models at your used car dealership.

Look For Business Cars

Many companies maintain a fleet of cars either for their employees to drive themselves in or for their employees to be chauffeured around in. These company cars get cycled through a lot quicker than you might expect, and often get upgraded due to an expired contract or new business deal. Look for used cars that are described as being company cars or part of a fleet because they are often much better maintained than those owned by regular drivers. They also generally have more upgrades and accessories attached to them.

Clearance Events

Every now and then a used car dealership will have too much stock and will need to get rid of it quickly. These flash sales and clearance events allow you to take thousands more off of what can be already cheap cars for no particular reason. As long as you are patient and wait for a sale or event to happen, you can grab a bargain. Often these happen at the end of the financial year or during the change of seasons, but they can happen for whatever reason, just be paying attention and you will find them sooner rather than later.

Contact a local auto dealership to learn more about used cars.